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Health & Wellness

Life is becoming increasingly more stressful with work, traffic, rising costs, testing relationships, deprivation of sleep, quick microwave meals and just no time to get in some essential nature, exercise and relaxation. We seem to be living for the holidays however, is that really living? Is that what it means to be and feel alive? 

Whether you are an individual who constantly tired, dealing with a chronic illness or trauma, simply looking to find a more fulfilling balance in life or, an organisation that has picked up a trend of increased absenteeism amongst employees, the Health & Wellness programs are designed for you. 

The health and wellness programs are designed to assist you in figuring out who you are, what your unique needs are, and how to manage your time efficiently so as to have it all. It is possible. When one creates such a balance, one is able to feel immediately more fulfilled and purposeful. And from a work perspective, this means a more productive employee.

With private clients, I work from my premises in Lonehill - Johannesburg. The setting provides a private, professional yet, down-to-earth space in which clients can feel at home and at ease. With Corporate or Business Clients, I work at their respective premises to immerse myself into the culture and environment of the organisation. 


The consulting hours are from Monday to Friday, 9-5pm.

Programs are customised to the individual and / or corporate requirements or objectives. 

All programs and sessions are documented and kept strictly confidential unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon; or if there is strong grounds to justify that a client may intend on inflicting harm on themselves or any other party.

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