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So far I have been blessed with a life some people only get to dream of. My journey took me into the world of marketing and advertising where I spent 12 years project managing multi-national accounts such as Visa, Lipton, LG, MTN, Siemens and Edgars. I was privileged to work with global Agencies such as TBWA, FCB, Y&R and BBDO. This gifted me the opportunity to see much of the world - 43 countries in fact. It was during those travels, the all-consuming career, a chronic and embarrassing illness, and the exposure to different, colourful cultures and religions, that I started to question and feel that there had to be more to life than merely work and sleep and sickness. I chose to follow my gut as I needed some answers. In the midst of the global recession, I quit my financially rewarding and flourishing career to pursue what some might call a sabbatical. I travelled to some exotically remote destinations, immersed myself into studying, sport and nature, and pushed myself to new limits. Limits that tested my personal and emotional boundaries and it was within those challenges, that I found balance, gratitude and purpose. From then on, I have chosen to dedicate my time to nurturing that balance, and to sharing the tools and learnings I gathered along the way. As of 2012, I have been running my own coaching & consulting practice - teaching the tools and philosophies to individuals, groups and corporates because, more fulfilled and purposeful individuals, produce more fulfilled, productive and purposeful businesses

My qualifications...

Include a University degree in Psychology, Industrial Psychology, and Communications - from UNISA. I also hold an ICF (International Coaching Federation) endorsed, Co-Active Coaching diploma from The Coaching Training Institute (CTI) in California. I am a Credentialed Senior Practitioner (CSP) of COMENSA, sit on their Gauteng MCSC & Marketing committees and serve as a CCP & CSP evaluator. Most recently, I have joined the ICF SA Chapter Board in the capacity of Director of Marketing & PR. I am also a qualified NBI Neethling Brain Profiling practitioner and have contributed to articles in SARIE, Essays of Africa, You, Huisgenoot and Cosmopolitan magazines; Been interviewed on 702 radio and Cii Broadcasting (SA Islamic Channel); And made appearances on Kyknet and Espresso TV.  When I am not coaching, I lecture Leadership, Operations Management, and Marketing & Sales to 1st, 2nd & 3rd year BCom students at AFDA in Johannesburg on an adhoc basis.

I coach and facilitate journeys in Corporate & Private environments

Some of these journeys include: Accomplished Leadership; Change Is Good (Change Management); Making friends with Diversity; The Inspired Workspace; Born-to-Sell; Connections & Parallels (Relationships); Who are you really? (Personal Development & Self-Discovery); Your message to the world (Image & Personal Brand); Getting the balance right (Life/Work, sleep, nutrition, mindfullness); From Victim to Victor (Empowerment & Motivation), and more. These can be coupled with NBI Brain profiling instruments that provide personal insight and can also demonstrate before and after progress such as 360 evaluations.

I work with Individuals, Groups, teams and Corporates

Programs vary from hourly sessions, to 1-3 day workshops, to Corporate Programs running from quarterly to yearly durations. Programs are uniquely developed around the requirements and culture of the person or company, and can stand alone or be incorporated into an event such as Team-Building or a KPI drive. I also present motivational talks and welcome collaborative projects with organisations that compliment a given program or organisational need. All programs include feedback sessions and mutual commitment.

A dynamic and adaptable style governs my coaching & consulting

Each individual, group or company comes with its own significance and distinction, and should be treated and appreciated as such. Whilst there are programs in place, these programs are amended and customised to suit the individual or business culture and objectives. My preference is to coach & consult in-person however, I understand that time and traffic can be a hindrance so SKYPE/alternative means, and telephonic sessions can be accommodated for individuals. All sessions are strictly confidential unless otherwise agreed.

My promise to you

Whether you are an organisation that’s undergoing change, a leader needing grooming for the next chapter of your career, or an everyday someone that’s at a crossroad of life, I am the coach who will nudge you forward, hold you accountable and trust in your own unique ability to find your truths and have the courage to embrace them. And whilst it is up to you or the organisation to seize the moment, it is my passion and pleasure to guide and facilitate the way. After all…

"Life moves pretty fast! If you don't stop & look around once in a while, you might miss it!"
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