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Business & Leadership

The Corporate, Business and Leadership Programs are developed to suit and represent the needs of the company, organisational culture, individual candidates or specific groups. Whilst material is immediately available, it becomes far more impactful and sustainable when it is crafted to the relevance of the environment in which it will be presented, and the audience for which it is intended - including the examples and practical role-playing exercises.

When it comes to leadership and management, a lot of candidates have a wealth of knowledge and experience but lack in the ability to pass it on and inspire their teams or followers. Sadly, schools and universities don't teach the very important soft skills that are crucial in life, relationship-building and effective leadership. We understand this and help qualified candidates become exceptional leaders and managers - and those skills also seem to serve them at "home", in their personal relationships and development.

Programs include:​​​

  • Emotional Intelligence & Empathy (Impact on business & it's role in confidence, relationships & growth)

  • Diversity & cross-cultural/religious collaboration

  • Change Management

  • Mindfulness - From Victim to Victor

  • Mindset & Perspectives

  • Creativity - Artsy or strategic?

  • Conflict Handling

  • International Etiquette

  • Stress Management

  • Presentation skills

  • The art of Sales & Selling

  • Connections & Parallels (Relationships)

  • Health & Wellness - including the importance of sleep

  • Personal Development 

  • Personal Brand (including attire & image management)

  • And of course, how this all transpires into Inspirational Leadership


It is recommended that such programs are integrated into the company or individual KPI's together with incentives or rewards. Depending on the brief and program requirements, tracking and progress reports are normally included to monitor success, attendance and commitment. We can incorporate various measurement tools from psychometrics, psychology, customised monitoring NBI Neethling Brain Profiling instruments are a wonderful, non-intrusive manner to ascertain natural strengths and preferences, get a deeper understanding of the self and in doing so, discover a more effective way of being, with others.   

These programs can be developed for individual candidates or groups. Ideally groups should not exceed 12-14 members so as to ensure that the personal interaction and coaching remains effective. When groups get too big, the sessions become largely, one-directional training or teaching programs.


Programs range from 1-3 days when delivered as booster workshops or 3-10 month journeys when more sustainable and effective behavioural change is required within the individual or workspace. 

All programs and sessions are documented and kept strictly confidential unless otherwise agreed upon.

Consulting hours are from Monday to Friday, 9-5pm. After hours, weekends and both national and international travel can be accommodated if need be.

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