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Private individuals

If you're on this page, it's probably because you feel "stuck".


Stuck in a rut, stuck with life, stuck in a relationship, stuck at work, stuck with a decision you need to make, stuck with a chronic illness, stuck with a career decision, a cross-roads of life, confused about what to study, or may be just a general sense of overwhelming stuck-ness.

My role is not to fix you or save you or even give you advice. It is to help you clarify and align yourself with who you truly are, what you dream about and what you want to achieve in your life, work or relationships. It is in the rediscovery of yourself, that you unlock possibility, resolution, and fulfilment.


And whilst we travel on your journey of personal discovery, I trust that you will gather new insights and perspectives about yourself and the world around you. That you will learn to honour yourself, develop inner trust, self-esteem and, learn to accept yourself fully for who you are. Plus, you’re likely to achieve more, because you’ll have an accountability partner who's got your back and will nudge you forward.

Some common topics that we cover during our coaching sessions could include:

  • How to deal with and/or manage stress & anxiety

  • How to build confidence & self-worth

  • Resilience to life’s rollercoaster ups and down

  • Relationships & how to build bridges 

  • Rekindling the sparkle in romantic relationships

  • Dealing with diversity and other differences that make us uncomfortable

  • Having hard conversations (Part of conflict handling and management) 

  • How to overcome fear, doubt and procrastination

  • Dealing with change (whether relationships, work, loss or other)

  • Mindfulness. In other words learning to embrace the present moment now

  • Changing one’s mindset or perspective from being a Victim to becoming a Victor

  • Perspectives - learning to look at things, situations, people from different points of view

  • Seizing your creativity - life strategy

  • Getting the balance right - health & wellness - including the importance of sleep

  • Chronic illness - acceptance, understanding, learning to live with it and possibly, overcome it

  • Getting back in the game - dating & romance

  • ​Personal Brand (including how to dress, posture, non-verbals, international etiquette & culture)

  • Leadership skills

  • And more...

I work from my premises in Lonehill-Johannesburg as my clients love the feel of the French riviera themed estate and the home-away-from home atmosphere. The setting presents a private,  professional, yet down-to-earth space in which clients can let their hair down. My operating hours are from Monday to Friday, 9-4pm - the last client session starting at 4pm.


Clients are requested to show up as their most authentic, comfortable selves - whether that means slops and shorts in summer, or a onesie in winter. Just be you. Oh and bring along a specially selected notebook, and your most favourite pen.

All programs and sessions are documented and kept strictly confidential unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon; or if there is strong grounds to justify that a client may intend on inflicting harm on themselves or any other party.

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